Optimum Vision clinic staff members strive to provide high quality clinical and retail care for the people of Hampshire and Berkshire and predominantly Tadley. We continue to invest in clinical training and advancing technology. Our staff receive a number of letters and cards expressing thanks for diagnosing and intervening in difficult cases and we appreciate and welcome patient support. We also appreciate criticism as we endeavour to improve.

I want to thank the team for their attention to detail and excellence.  With low vision, I’ve met everybody who’s anybody internationally in that field, Frank Norville of Norville Optical Co. Ltd., Nick Rumney, formally of the DVLA Vision Panel, & other experts such as Dr Eli Peli at Harvard, exam setters at UK Optometry Schools in Bradford, UMIST, Moorfields, etc.  Priyanka Patel and her team at Optimum Vision Clinic have a great facility in Tadley, Hampshire, and I’m confident her business has enormous potential.  I received thorough examination and consultation worthy of even the most experienced Ophthalmologist’s attention; not to mention great value for money, with a second pair at half price.  I encourage you to make an appointment today, (0118) 9810267, and invest in this business and your vision.  - September 2016

I should like to thank the staff at your Tadley Clinic, a huge thank you for your help when my eye become infected your care was second to none and follow up was so very thoughtful to see how I was doing. I have seen many opticians in my life as I have had glasses since I was 2 years old and now 70 and never have I received such caring and expert help. M. Steer- Tadley July 2016 

I'm a photographer and therefore my eyes are very important to my profession as well as my personal health. This time, I decided to use a local independent clinic for my eye test. It really made a difference. I feel much more like a client rather than a body on a conveyor belt! Stella and Priyanka have both made me feel comfortable and therefore free to ask as many questions as I want. they have both listened and been very helpful in their advice. I highly recommend this professional and caring clinic. M. Lock -Basingstoke June 2016

Optometrist Priyanka Patel tested my eyes and found that my left eye had a pressure of 28 to 30 while my right eye was alright (for me) at 10. Priyanka asked how my eyes had been recently and I told her that my left eye had been blurred for the past 3 or 4 days. I told her that this had happened ever since my eye drops had been changed from my usual AZOPT (manufacturer Alcon) to a generic eye drop. I got to Barnet Hospital Eye Clinic in time and saw the session Consultant. I told him what had happened and he told me that he has been telling Boroughs/Councils and Doctors NOT to substitute generic medicines for the eye drops that his clinic had prescribed. He immediately prescribed AZOPT for me and which I collected there and then from the hospital pharmacy. The reason for this letter is to praise Priyanka Patel for the dedication to her profession. She spent a lot of time in making a number of phone calls to Barnet Hospital Eye Clinic and myself in trying, and succeeding, to resolve my eye pressure problem.  My belief is that, while they would have been concerned, most optician's would have left it at advising me to visit A & E. They would not have followed up with multiple phone calls. Again, I thank Priyanka Patel for her extended efforts in resolving my problem. Had it not been for her, I would have persisted with the wrong eye drops until my annual Barnet Hospital eye check in June. S.B - London April 2016  

Extremely impressed with the service at Optimum Vision Clinic and with the state of the art equipment used to test my eye sight. The location of the clinic is very local to my workplace and the discount they offer is good. The advice on selecting the correct frames was exceptional. The service was so good that I have arranged for all my family to move to Optimum from our previous optician - A.W, Basingstoke 2016

Fed up with High Street Optician supplying me with just adequate glasses. At last found an independent opticians that really cares about you the person. I have nothing but praise for Optimum Vision, you pay a little more for your spectacles but what a difference in quality. In addition they were very prompt in identifying a medical problem with my eye and informed my GP of this. An appointment was set up at a local hospital and laser eye surgery saved my eye, what price can you put on that? - Patrick Delaney, Burghfield Common 2015

The eye examination is probably the most thorough one I have had till date. I have bought my previous spectacles online and had my prescription from the high street opticians which was all wrong, I spent more money going into town changing the prescription, which defeated the purpose of any saving. I chose to try online because it was cheap and easy to do, no measurements of the glasses or eyes were done, but I didn’t know any different until I came to optimum Vision Clinic. Wish I came to this place in the first place, would have spent the money to get it all correct in the first place. Very welcoming and understanding. I paid a little more than I wanted to but I was given cheaper options, but I didn’t want to make the same mistake twice. The glasses are great, you truly understand good quality products. Will definitely recommend you guys to my friends and family - D.Potters, Reading 2015

I have been wearing spectacles for some 62 years to correct my long sightedness and astigmatism. Having lived in a number of places across the UK and as a result I have had use several opticians over the years. The experience so gained has led me to value the more personal service offered by the smaller opticians especially as my prescription is not an average nature. Equally I value the relationship that can be formed with the optician leading to an easy and accurate understanding of my specific requirements. In fact I came to OVC just under a year ago when it first opened following the dispensing staff from my previous opticians. The service I have received from OVC has been nothing less than first rate. The eye testing has been thorough with referrals to appropriate specialists’ when and where necessary. Even soft contact lens solutions to my vision correct have also been offered – and I thought that my vision couldn’t be corrected with soft lenses! I have been afforded great eye care, with good value for money frames and patience as I readily admit that I am probably not the easiest of patients. Priyanka, Stella and Paige a great, friendly and caring team at OVC – well done and thank you. - Dr Glyn Charlesworth, Mortimer 2015



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