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From the height of the ski slopes to the depths of the ocean we are able to supply you with any of our specialist stock of sports eyewear to suit all your leisure activities. The majority of our designs can be upgraded to include your prescription to ensure you never take your eye off the game.

Your sports vision needs are unique to you-whether a golfer, fisherman or skier. Why not speak to a member of our team to discuss your requirements to see how you can get better sports vision.

We provide custom made swimming goggles with any prescription, and cater for many high prescriptions.


Whether you are a PGA Pro or a keen amateur whilst playing in a range of light conditions you want optimum vision. Driving the ball down the fairway, you need to make sure your eyewear is giving you that added extra. You want to know exactly where your ball lands and the condition of the surface, our range of golf specific frames have specific contrast tints that allow the ball to stand out against both the green and the sky, making sure you are always in control of the situation. Many golf specific sunglasses have a wrapped style to get the greatest field of vision when teeing off, as well as giving an unparalleled level of protection from sunlight, glare and wind. A secure fit means quality of vision is not disrupted you look down to putt or drive from the tee. Come into store to look at our exciting new range and talk to one of our sports vision specialists about your requirements and let us tailor a solution specifically for you.


Always on the move? Here at Optimum Vision we have a great range of sports specific eyewear, with vented frames and lenses to stop moisture build up and wrapped frames to protect from the wind and rain during your run. All of our wrapped frames have high impact resistant lenses and most are polarised eliminating all glare bouncing up off the road surface and grass improving colour depth and contour perception ensuring optimum vision on the road ahead. Most of our sports frames come with rubberised sports grip end tips on the arms to ensure the most secure fitting regardless of how hot you get ensuring that nothing interrupts your performance. We also offer a range of frames with interchangeable lenses giving you the flexibility to adapt to all light conditions ensure you are always a step ahead. Nearly all of our sports frames can now include your prescription so come into practice and talk to one of our sports performance eyewear specialists about your requirements and let us tailor a solution to you.


Whilst cycling, you need frames that provide a wrapped fitting which will protect your eyes not only from harmful ultraviolet light rays but also from the wind and stops any debris getting into your eyes. To avoid moisture build up most sports frames now have inbuilt ventilation either through the frame or the lenses this will ensure that there is no fogging up of the lenses and you have the best view ahead. Many frames also feature adjustable sides with rubberised sports grips and nose pads to get a perfect, individualised fit, with limited movement even in the most extreme conditions. All of our cycling specific eyewear have high impact resistant lenses that meet British Safety Standards.

Winter Sports

From the Alps to the heights of Banff whilst on the slopes it is vital to protect your eyes from harmful UV and glare.

Most Ski goggles cover the upper portion of the face for optimum protection (being made of non brittle materials e.g. nylon and rubber) and ensure a wide field of view (achieving up to 180° of peripheral vision). When choosing, ensure you look for polycarbonate lenses offering 100% UVA, B and C protection, as well as vents built into the frame to reduce moisture build up.

A interchangeable lens system is also very useful where rose and yellow high contrast lenses are good for dull days, whereas black and grey suit very bright conditions. Most of our sunglasses and goggles can be manufactured with your prescription so we are able to ensure we have a solution suitable for you. A lack of good eye protection can cause a sunburn effect where the eyes become gritty, red and sore, or indeed longer term effects such as cataracts. One of our advisors will advise you on the ideal solution before you go on holiday.

Water Sports

Whether you are a recreational swimmer doing an occasional few lengths in the local swimming pool or a deep sea diver having spectacles on in the pool is just not practical. Our specialist googles and masks are designed to keep water out but will incorporate your prescription at the same time allowing you to enjoy your sport however serious you are with the freedom of sight.

We are able to offer both prescription goggles and diving masks in a wide range of prescriptions and styles, we also offer swimming goggles in premade prescriptions to offer some assistance in the water.

Feel free to come in and talk through your requirements with one of our trained advisors.

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