Buy one get second pair of lenses FREE

If you buy two pairs of spectacles with Anti reflection coated lenses (irrespective of the grade) we’ll give you a free pair of 1.5 Single Vision Lenses with our first grade antireflective coating. This can be clear or tinted lenses.

So your only paying for one set of lenses.

Buy one get second pair lenses HALF PRICE

50% discount off of any other Essilor lens on the second pair of lenses . It’s a great opportunity to have two complete new pairs of glasses fitted with premium lenses at a greatly reduced price.

Buy Transition varifocals and on your second set of lenses, you get tinted polarised varifocals for just £50

Optician recommends: Transitions lenses on the first pair, we will give you a second set of tinted polarised lenses for just £50. This is the best offer if you are a varifocal wearer.

We accept outside prescriptions and are happy to give you a quote. We do offer corporate discounts and Edenred vouchers that are given from most employers.

Is one pair of shoes ever enough so is one pair of glasses ever enough?  We think it’s not because one pair isn’t suitable for every occasion, for example, you wouldn’t do a gym workout wearing a suit or stilettos! 
Your vision is no different and one pair of glasses may not be suitable for everything you do. For example, you could have a clear pair of Crizal UV varifocals for everyday use and a pair of Xperio Polarising Varifocal sun-lenses for those Winter/Summer sun days.

Our two-pair offer includes lenses that can be tailored to the outdoors, for computer use, for sports, for use in the sun or simply just to create an alternative look. 

As an independent optician, Crizal spectacle lenses are always our first choice as they offer protection against the six most common problems with clear vision.  They protect against glare, scratches, smudges, dust, water and UV, giving you superior vision whilst eliminating all of the annoying factors that can come with wearing glasses.
Crizal = Quality Antireflective treatment with UV protection.
*Ask about our CRIZAL FORTE treatment with a 2 year scratch guarantee. We will replace these lenses like for like FREE of charge.*
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