Eye examinations

Eye examinations in Tadley, Hampshire

Preventing problems

The importance of having your routine eye exams can never be underestimated. These exams can detect vision problems, eye disease and general health problems before you are even aware that a problem exists.

It is important to understand with both adults and children that having an eye test is not just about how well you can see, it is also about checking the health of your eyes.

We provide high quality eye examinations on both a private and NHS basis with our state-of-the-art equipment includes retinal imaging.

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Your check-up

1. Pre Test
  • We take certain measurements & images before you see the optician. This allows us to ensure that we are checking in depth the health of your eyes and can provide the most accurate results regarding your prescription. It includes measuring the curvature of the eye which is useful in determining the prescription as well as assessing other parameters.
  • The pressure test which is a puff of air, provides us with information on the general health of the eyes via the internal pressure of the eye itself. This is particularly useful in detecting Glaucoma. We know many don’t find this pleasant and can offer an alternative method of checking pressures if they wish, so please ask a member of our team.
  • Reviewing & assessing existing spectacles allows the optician to inform you of any changes if found.
  • Visual fields test  measures your peripheral vision but also give the optician information about the visual pathways between the eyes and the brain. This is a supplementary test and the optician may wish to do this before you are seen or after the sight test.
2. The eye examination
  • You will spend 30 minutes approximately with the optician. Any concerns will be discussed & a full history including lifestyle questions will be obtained. All relevant tests will be conducted allowing the optician to deal with each concern you may have.
  • It is important to have an eye test even if you are not having trouble with your vision. An eye test is not just to help you with your vision but it is also to assess the health of one of the most valuable organs you have, your eyes. In addition to this there are general health conditions that can be detected by the optician i.e. hypertension (blood pressure), diabetes, cholesterol & tumours. Appropriate referrals can be made to ensure findings are investigated thoroughly.
3. Next steps:
  • If the optometrist finds that you require glasses you will then be passed onto a qualified/trained member of staff to discuss your lens options. Dispensing opticians are highly trained professionals and are vital in ensuring you receive expert advice. They will not limit you to choice for marketing or promotional reasons; that would devalue their skills and limit your choice. A recommendation will only be made once they have discussed your needs.
  • It is important to choose the correct lens to optimise your vision as well as make it more comfortable. We offer patients great lens choice to ensure we can offer you the best possible lens for you. We offer lenses to suit all budgets and we are not restricted in lens choice. We only use branded lenses as through experience and evidence they time and time again have a consistently high quality. The dispensing optician/optical assistant will take accurate measurements which is vital in obtaining comfortable vision.
  • You will then be informed of when your glasses will be ready and a fitting appointment will be made to make relevant adjustments to the frame if required.

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